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Online Business Manager

Kimberly is an online business manager, implementor, communicator and decision maker who is in-tune with the entrepreneurial mindset of business professionals. Kimberly will keep your business running smoothly by managing your important and time sensitive projects and team members.  She will prioritize and take over the projects that are weighing you down. Kimberly implements systems and automates processes to give you the time to focus on the stuff you love to do while feeling confident that your Online Business Manager (OBM) has you covered.

Virtual Assistant Services

You focus on growing your business. Time to let a Virtual Assistant handle the other things that drain your time, zap your creativity, and stop your business from growing. 

My Personal Secretary is the right hand and left brain of successful people. Kimberly gives you more time to focus on the big picture by taking care of the little details. Stuff like scheduling meetings, paying bills, customer service issues, booking travel creating email campaigns, and more.  You delegate a task and Kimberly gets it done in a timely, efficient, manner. 


Social Media Management

Your customers are interacting with your brand 24/7, sharing experiences on social networks, blogs, and community pages. Are they singing your praises or wondering where you are? Kimberly ensures the success and well-being of your brand in the social media world. 

Everyone has a social media presence these days, and companies should be no exception. With a highly targeted organic social media plan, your brand becomes the owner of your customer’s feed. Our social media experts will create content that will engage customer/user community across all social channels (from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) and respond to comments or posts relating to your brand. Organic presence increases, brand awareness skyrockets and engagement costs decreases: everyone wins.