Mark Victor Hansen

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises, philanthropist and humanitarian

Kimberly is a Social Media Master. She is doing a terrific job keeping my thoughts, wisdom, insights, and ideas expanding to the world, so I can help make the world work for one hundred percent of humanity.

Tasha Wahl

President of Wahl Group Inc., and Founder of Butterfly Effect

Kimberly is one of the brightest and most productive members of our team. She is organized, professional and provides excellent service. One of the things I like the most about working with Kimberly is her fabulous attitude. She’s always up for a challenge and is available at a moments notice! She’s an invaluable asset and I cant recommend her highly enough!

Christopher Baird

Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor

Kimberly Wadsworth is an extraordinary virtual assistant and social media manager who works with CEOs on all levels. Why did I choose Kimberly to manage my most important tasks? Kimberly moves at mach speed and completed my projects in a timely, efficient, manner. Not only does Kimberly have a great work ethic, she also has a big heart, and knows how to make her clients feel like family. If you have the privilege to work with Kimberly, do it. People like her are nearly impossible to find.

Crystal Dwyer Hansen

Author, Entrepreneur, Personal Coach, Speaker, Hypnotherapist, and Founder of CrystalVision LTD and Skinny Life

Kimberly has made it infinitely easier to manage my social media. She's taken great care to understand my business and message to reach as many people as possible.

Chris Lee

CEO of CAL Entertainment, a full service Speakers Buruea representing the best professional speakers across the country.

Not only do I trust Kimberly do manage all of my social media marketing, I have referred her to several of the countries top speakers and now they trust her to manage their social media platforms too. I can’t say enough good things about Kimberly.

David Kim

Star of CBS Undercover Boss, CEO Baja Fresh, La Salsa, Sweet Factory, Restaurateur, Author, and Speaker

Kimberly is a social media powerhouse. There are many reasons I chose Kimberly to manage several of my brands social media:  She’s witty, fun, personable, and stays on top of the latest trends. On top of all of those things, she is a pleasure to work with and will keep your social media buzzing. Hire her. Now.

Robert Shemin

Speaker, Author, Real Estate Investor, Wealth Strategist

Kimberly has become a crucial and valuable part of my team. I count on her to manage my business, customer service, social media, events, and much, much, more. I don’t know how I did it before her and I don’t want to find out what my business would do without her. She’s pro-active, sharp, quick, and fine-tunes the smallest of details.  There isn’t a task she can’t take on. If you get the opportunity to work with Kimberly, do it. I give her raving reviews.

Stephen Edwards

Author, Top National Speaker, Real Estate Investor, Thought Leader, Wealth Strategist

One of the things I love about working with Kimberly is that she creates the results I am looking for and demand, and she will provide you with the results you need to keep your business booming. Kimberly has worked with me for the past 4 years and I have come to rely on her. My schedule can change in a moments notice and Kimberly is always there to pick up the pieces and make everything run smooth and easily.  It is a privilege and an opportunity to work with someone who loves and my business as much as I do.

Cheri Guss

With extraordinary drive and perseverance, Cheri has achieved tremendous success in real estate as a top Realtor

In the real estate world, numbers don’t lie. In fact, in our business the bottom line IS the bottom line. When I hired Kimberly, my annual sales rocketed from $1.2 million to $5.8 million, making me one of the top producers in our region. Her wide-ranging abilities are truly remarkable. From creating and maintaining databases, to writing professional correspondence, to coming up with dazzling marketing ideas, Kimberly does it all. Hiring My Personal Secretary was one of the single smartest business decisions I ever made. My only regret is that I wish I had done so sooner. It’s no wonder why her client list continues to swell and includes some of the most talented professionals and executives in America.

Marc Hrisko

America’s Millionaire Coach, Author, Speaker, Real Estate Investor, and mentor to investors all across America

Words cannot express how pleased I have been with the outstanding services My Personal Secretary provides. Kimberly has become an essential member of my team. No matter what I ask of her she is always going above and beyond. Her secretarial skills are stellar, and her friendly, thoughtful, and professional demeanor makes working with her a dream. The greatest surprise, however, has been how talented she is with marketing. One of Kimberly’s marketing suggestions easily increased my company’s revenues by an astounding 57%. I told my marketing department they better watch their backs because Kimberly’s hot on their trail! Seriously though, I can and do recommend My Personal Secretary to all of my closest associates and fellow executives. Anyone who is serious about growing their business and organizing their lives would do well to partner with My Personal Secretary.

Linda Swindling

Author, Speaker, Communication Expert, and one of 550 persons in the world who holds the Certified Speaking Professional Designation.

Kimberly has helped me “outsource” the time-draining details that constitute the modern business world especially those with social networking. She can also help with scheduling, calendar management, phone calls to prospects and clients. Her professional and positive demeanor adds an air of professionalism as well as enjoyment to everyone who interacts with her. Best of all, Kimberly always over delivers and has a trove of marketing ideas and tactics that continue to provide me and my brand with tremendous value. I recommend My Personal Secretary to my closest associates and friends and they always thank me.

Wynton Hall

Wynton Hall & Co. is a celebrity ghostwriting agency responsible for numerous New York Times best selling books.

Kimberly is a vital and powerful part of my business and success. My clients always rave about interacting with her—and most don’t even realize that she’s a Virtual Assistant. I seriously never realized just how much more efficient, organized, and stress-free life and business could be until we brought My Personal Secretary on board. If you’re like I was and wondering whether you will get value out of having a virtual assistant, don’t think another second. Hire Kimberly and My Personal Secretary. Do it now, because there’s no doubt that with the quality of service she offers, and the massive value she provides, that My Personal Secretary will soon be limiting its client list (if they haven’t already). I’ve already had to upgrade from the Executive Package to the Extender Package. How I ever got along without My Personal Secretary I will never know.
Thank you, Kimberly, for being a crucial part of the Wynton Hall & Co., team!

Dean Burke

Senator, Former Author, Speaker, and Founder of The Millionaire Nurse

Kimberly of My Personal Secretary, How is she helpful? Let me count the ways: She is fast, efficient, and accurate. She is smart, self-sufficient, and highly motivated too. But what is the most wonderful, beautiful thing about Kimberly? It is her energy, Her humor! She brightens your day. When conversing with Kimberly, the problems you have, the big and the tall, seem to get smaller and smaller, and all but dissolve. So I recommend her highly, as I think you can hear. And if I could bottle her spirit, I would sell it to all, for a sum mighty dear. Thanks for all your help Kimberly, couldn’t do what I do without you.

Mike Uhl

Entrepreneur, Engineer, Founder of Fatal Funnel Inc.

I started working with Kimberly and was amazed at the new avenues she knew of to market my business. Never having used a Virtual Assistant or Social Media Manager before her, I was unsure of what to expect, but she has surpassed any expectations I had and continues to amaze me with her insight and vision for my company. She has looked at my business with fresh eyes and fresh ideas, and already those ideas are paying off in sales. I have never found someone as professional as Kimberly. She stepped right in and contributed from the very beginning. She meets her deadlines and always does that little extra that makes you think, “WOW!” Now, if everyone I employ or contract with was this professional it would sure make my life much easier, but they’re not, so that makes Kimberly stand out even more. I can recommend her without a single reservation.

Robert Steele

Professional Athlete - Dallas Cowboys, CEO, and Author

I have depended upon Kimberly to manage my name and brand online through social media channels. She has done an excellent job for me and I will hire her again when the time comes. 

Joe Cottam

Restaurant Owner, Entrepreneur

I don’t have time to run my restaurant and worry about posting on social media. Kimberly has done exactly what I have asked her to do and then some. My expectations have been exceeded with her.


Founders of FITatudes, Entrepreneurs, and Health Gurus

WOW – we have been pleasantly overwhelmed with Kimberly’s abundant talent, intuition and ability to comprehend what we need. She is just RED HOT and ON POINT! We said we needed to increase our presence in our marketplace and it’s as if Kimberly jumped-in and said “Okay sisters – I got this” and BAM … our social media presence increased exponentially – we went from 246 Facebook fans to almost 900 fans in just 5 weeks, our web site opt-in rate is just off the charts and we have a very cool snappy video that showcases our company … that we did not even ask for! We have also been blessed by Kimberly’s sweet humble spirit … a true pleasure to work with. We almost don’t want to tell so that we can keep her to ourselves! Kimberly’s tagline that says “smart, efficient, finished” is just that  AND much, much MORE! ~ Tonja Ward and Diana Patton

Jennifer Edwards
Dan Galli

Realtor and Real Estate Broker

I am a huge fan of Kimberly Wadsworth and her company: My Personal Secretary. My experience has been fantastic from start to finish. I own a small real estate brokerage and I use My Personal Secretary in a variety of ways, including marketing, social media and daily business operation. Kimberly is well organized and efficient. Her attention to detail constantly surpasses my expectations. I give my full recommendation of Kimberly and her services without reservation.