Using My Personal Secretary:

  • SAVES you office space
  • SAVES you money on expensive employee benefits
  • SAVES you from paying payroll taxes
  • SAVES you time lost and productivity from employee vacations and sick leave
  • SAVES you from the headaches associated with inefficient employees with poor attendance
  • SAVES you from having to purchase computers and other costly equipment for your assistant

Bottom line: My Personal Secretary saves you time, hassles, and money!

We know that you have numerous ‘virtual assistant’ options from which to choose. Indeed, dozens of so-called ‘virtual assistant mills’ are larger than us, rely on international virtual assistants, and charge far higher fees than My Personal Secretary. That's why we take pride in meeting your Virtual Assisting needs to make you more productive and successful. If you are looking for the ultimate virtual assistant, look no further: You found her.

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